Under 18 Premier Division

Competition:2431  Match:171464  KDUL

Kilcullen AFC despatch Kildare Town.
League leaders Kilcullen AFC won 5-2 against their visitors, Kildare Town at Kilcullen Community Centre at 2 pm

Kilcullen AFC has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W

Kildare Town has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 2 games.
Form: L L

Referee Conor O Sullivan 's task was difficult, having to show 8 yellow cards
Yellow Cards: (Kilcullen AFC) Ban McCann,Adam McCormack,Robert Lee
(Kildare Town) Kamron Joel Myers,John O Dwyer,Jamie O Callaghan,Christopher O Mahhony,Marvin Mbala

Current League Position
1Kilcullen AFC3300144109
8Kildare Town200248-40

This competition head to head
09/09/17 2 pmKilcullen AFC52Kildare TownKilcullen Community Centre

Club Fixture History
09/09/17 11:30 amKilcullen AFC61Kildare TownUnder 10 Major Division Three
09/09/17 10:30 amKilcullen AFC64Kildare TownUnder 9 Premier Twin Game League
04/04/17 6:30 pmKildare Town30Kilcullen AFCUnder 12 Major Division Two
18/03/17 1:30 pmKildare Town24Kilcullen AFCUnder 11 Premier Division
11/02/17 12:30 pmKilcullen AFC62Kildare TownUnder 11 Major Division Three
04/02/17 11 amKildare Town10Kilcullen AFCUnder 16 Premier Red
03/12/16 12:30 pmKilcullen AFC04Kildare TownUnder 16 Premier Red
12/11/16 12:30 pmKilcullen AFC71Kildare TownUnder 10 Major Division Three
22/10/16 12:30 pmKilcullen AFC42Kildare TownUnder 11 Premier Division
10/09/16 11:45 amKilcullen AFC20Kildare TownUnder 12 Major Division Two
31/03/16 6:30 pmKilcullen AFC21Kildare TownUnder 14 Premier Division
23/01/16 2 pmKildare Town22Kilcullen AFCUnder 16 Major Division
31/10/15 11 amKilcullen AFC22Kildare TownUnder 13 Premier Division
24/10/15 12:30 pmKilcullen AFC25Kildare TownUnder 16 Major Division
24/10/15 11 amKildare Town64Kilcullen AFCUnder 10 Premier White
12/09/15 10 amKildare Town21Kilcullen AFCUnder 13 Premier Division
05/09/15 11:30 amKilcullen AFC26Kildare TownUnder 10 Premier White
01/09/15 6:30 pmKildare Town13Kilcullen AFCUnder 14 Premier Division

Recent Results in this competition
Kilcullen AFC
23/09/17 12:30 pmBridge United13Kilcullen AFC
16/09/17 11:30 amKilcullen AFC61Allenwood Celtic
09/09/17 2 pmKilcullen AFC52Kildare Town
Kildare Town
23/09/17 2 pmKildare Town23Sallins Celtic
09/09/17 2 pmKilcullen AFC52Kildare Town
Referee Statistics
Conor O Sullivan642114

Kilcullen AFCKildare Town
Adam McCormack1
Ban McCann1
Robert Lee1
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Christopher O Mahhony1
Jamie O Callaghan1
John O Dwyer1
Kamron Joel Myers1
Marvin Mbala1
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